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BrandStar Studios is using Unreal Engine 5

BrandStar Studios is using Unreal Engine 5

To continue our efforts to stay at the forefront of Virtual Production, at BrandStar Studios we are committed to learning the most accelerated technology. We are now using Unreal Engine 5 on our LED Volume Wall.  Unreal Engine 5 is the most powerful real-time 3D creating tool out there. It is currently being used on video games and live action properties like The Witcher, The Matrix, Gears of War, Tomb Raider, and upcoming Game of Thrones projects.

Unreal Engine 5 recently made its debut with a fully immersive 3D model of the entire city of New York for The Matrix Awakens. This new model was made available to us for use with our LED Volume wall.  We were one of the first production studios to integrate Unreal Engine 5 and travel the streets of New York all from the comfort of our own studio using our LED Volume Wall.

Unreal Engine 5 offers photoreal rendering in real-time, VFX and particle simulation, advanced AI, limitless extensibility, and film quality post-process effects. The real time processing lets us see what the final product could be right through the lens of the camera. The 3D objects can be moved, lighting can be changed, and angles adjusted, all you need is a Virtual Arts Department team.

Unreal Engine 5 uses a brand-new lighting system called Lumen. This system allows light to bounce off objects and create shadows in real time. Before Unreal Engine 5, this type of processing would have to be rendered frame by frame through a long process called path tracing.  

By using Unreal Engine 5, we also have immediate access to their Megascans Asset Library.  A library of over 16,000 photorealistic objects ready to be imported into UE5 (Unreal Engine 5). All real-world scans that are fully scalable in a 3D environment. Our VAD artists at BrandStar Studios utilizes the library and specializes in custom-building environments.

The goal of the Unreal Engine team with this release of Unreal Engine 5 was to empower teams to push the boundaries of what is possible, visually, and interactively. Our goals at BrandStar Studios align with theirs as we strive to continue to break down barriers of Virtual Production. Through learning these tools, we have been able to create hyper realistic environments that add to the story we are telling for you.

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