Growing Your Brand with the Power of Virtual Production

With Virtual Production, you can grow your brand using the same cutting-edge technology that is used in major productions such as The Mandalorian. It also may surprise you that it doesn’t cost as much as you think. Even smaller budgets can harness the power of virtual production, and elevate a brand.

What’s most exciting is that with the infinite possibilities of virtual production at your fingertips, you can create whatever you imagine.

What virtual production is and what it can do for you.

By merging innovative game engine technology with traditional filmmaking, virtual production can offer an unparalleled experience by creating hyper-realistic environments as those seen in The Mandalorian and Star Trek: Discovery.

Virtual production is accomplished by filming teams and camera operators who capture the studio production with live-action cameras, the action is displayed over the virtual environment of an LED Volume Wall, creating the illusion of a physical location with lifelike realism and depth.

This means you could realistically appear to be anywhere, and, in any scene, you can imagine, within any city or landscape on earth, or out of this world. The entire universe is at your fingertips without ever leaving the comfort of the studio. The possibilities are limitless.

Three ways you can use virtual production to amplify your brand:

Host a virtual event.

Now you can gather local and global attendees for an engaging virtual event, conference, or workshop. Hold hiring interviews, create valuable networking opportunities, and develop supportive teambuilding events.

Broadcast your message.

Show the world what your brand is about. Be the expert and provide the solutions. Reach your target audience in engaging and innovative ways.

Power your social media reach.

Stay in the forefront. Catch and keep your audience’s attention by producing imaginative and professional social streams and long or short form content videos.

Innovate, collaborate, and create.

In addition to amplifying your brand, you can now collaborate with anyone, wherever they are because virtual production allows you to extend your reach globally! You’re now freed from the confines of geographic limitations.

With the essential components of a camera operator, LED Volume wall, and actors in place, nearly all other roles can be performed remotely.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate and contribute to a virtual production in real time through video conferencing and private networks.

This revolutionizes the way brands can present themselves and partner together with others simultaneously across the globe to grow.

Save on costs and time.

Virtual Production saves both time and money.

By creating virtual sets, flying film crews or actors to distant places for filming is a thing of the past. With Virtual Production there is no need to travel to physical locations. Costly travel time and accommodation expenses are eliminated. As much of the process takes place virtually, this can allow for global collaboration and people to work remotely. Building elaborate studio sets is now unnecessary, the 3D engine creates the backdrop on the LED Volume Wall. This reduces pricey physical set storage, transportation, and hours of labor.

Unpredictable circumstances such as weather, noise, traffic, lighting, time of day or night, and more are no longer factors. Everything flows much smoother with virtual production.

Streamlined production process.

Before, most of the reworking, effects, and other applications were only able to be fixed during post-production. Now with virtual production, many of these revisions can be done and applied during the pre-production phase. This allows you to develop your imagination in real time. As you explore the possibilities, test and experiment with ideas, shots, and virtual environments, you can make your vision for your project come to life.

Seamlessly transitioning from one scene to another while actors and crew are still on set enables the filming of multiple scenes much quicker, with less rework. Also reducing expensive reshoots. Scenes and conditions can also be recreated at any given time and as they are from digital assets, they are readily available.

When you’re ready to elevate your brand with virtual production.

In today’s competitive market, you need the best in high-tech, state-of-the-art, content creation that will elevate your business and brand. At BrandStar we use only the most advanced technology with our fully immersive virtual production.

BrandStar uses the most powerful real-time 3D creative tool, Unreal Engine 5. With the use of this advanced 3D engine our teams can produce photoreal rendering in real-time, VFX and particle simulation, advanced AI, limitless extensibility, and film quality post-process effects. We employ world capture, visualization and visual effects, Chroma key effects, performance and rear capture, and more.

Contact our professionals at BrandStar Studio at contact@brandstarstudios.com to launch your virtual production.



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Growing Your Brand with the Power of Virtual Production

With Virtual Production, you can grow your brand using the same cutting-edge technology that is

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